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Introduction to the Law of Attraction

Introduction to the Law of Attraction Workshop


You’ve probably been hearing about the Law of Attraction or The Secret™ DVD. You may have seen the "Secret" on Oprah and in USA Today. Now you can experience first hand what all the excitement is all about and learn, step-by-step, how to use it

 What is it:

A fun and life changing workshop to teach you how to use the science of  the Law of Attraction to attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t want!

The workshop in based on the ancient and modern teachings of the Law of Attraction and The Secret ™ DVD and book. The workshop is presented in an interactive, accelerated learning style and has accompanying handouts and worksheets. Bring something to take notes with (Please note: Laptops are not allowed to take notes with because of typing distractions for others and the potential hazard of spilled coffee.)

After this workshop, some people will choose to pursue more about the Law of Attraction on their own. There is a ton of material out there to fulfill their needs. Others will choose to take a faster path. Our advanced and targeted topic workshops and personal coaching offer good alternatives to a faster path and we expect that some people will choose to use us for that purpose. For that we are grateful and apprecaitive. 

 Business people will discover how they can:

  • Attract more and better customers
  • Attract more revenue
  • Attract ideal employees
  • Create stronger business relationships
  • Create teamwork and cooperation
  • Create improved attitudes and performance in the workplace
  • Stop attracting the circumstance and situations they don’t want 

 Individuals will learn how they can:

  • Attract more money
  • Attract the ideal partner
  • Attract the perfect job or career
  • Attract and create harmonious relationships
  • Create improved health
  • Create abundance in every area of their life
  • Stop attracting the things they don’t want 

 Our promise to you is that you will leave the seminar knowing:

  • What the Law of Attraction is and how it has been already working in your life, all your life.
  • Why goal setting, positive thinking and affirmations don't work for many people and the missing secret to making them work for anyone.
  • How to begin to attract all the good things you want into your life with a simple, 3 step plan.
  • How to stop attracting the unwanted things into your life.

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